Monthly Archives: August 2015

Tough times 

It’s been a bit of a nightmare week, but I was able to also have my first true weekend off in quite a long time: a week of two halves to be sure. 

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Spring has sprung, or has it?

The weather has been rather up and down this week, as have I. Earlier in the week the buds on my garden were covered in frost, but by the weekend it’s hammering with rain, and then sunny and warm. Got … Continue reading

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Life and death, all in one week

Well it’s been a weird week. I have witnessed birth celebrations and a funeral of a friend all in the same 7 days. My head doesn’t quite comprehend it.

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Wow what a week! I’m now a business premises owner!

Our wedding anniversary whistled by and was kinda encompassed by some much bigger news, which has meant I have not been on the blog as much as normal: I am a business premises owner! 

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