First ride out: me and Creo!

I couldn’t wait to try the new e-bike out – so the second the rain stopped I grabbed the opportunity!

When does an e-bike not look like an e-bike? When you buy a specialised! Meet Creo my e-assist bike I just got!

Specialised Creo SL

Yes, I know what you are thinking.. a physio I spoke to this morning (no, not Accelerate Physiotherapy!) said – ‘what do you need an e-bike for, you’re not 80?!’

For all the Ignoramouses out there let’s explain.

This is similar to the one I borrowed from Ray last week for the 100km ride. It does not do the work for me. I have to actually pedal in order for it to assist, equally, if I pedal in too big a gear, it also stops assisting, it has 3 levels representing how much % assistance I need. No, I cannot freewheel along and let it do all the work.

Why do I need it?

It will enable me to go a lot further, with a lot less pain and at a slightly higher pace than if I was relying on myself alone.

Presently cycling is painful and I can’t go much further than 6-10km without pain setting in (yep, it’s a lot like the issues I am having with walking)

I’m hoping Creo will help me find my love for cycling again with a lot less pain along the way.

Thank you once again to Cycle World Dunedin and Paul for your time and patience making me and my peg leg fit this bike.

Aaaand I have new cycling kit too.. here’s a sneaky peak …

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