About us

usWe are a British couple documenting our journey from applying for permanent citizenship in New Zealand to emigration and setting up life in the Southern Hemisphere.


2012 symbolised a difficult time for the British economy, and we thought long and hard about emigration for a number of years. We felt the time was right. The education system was struggling, the changes the government were making were problematic, immigration was at an all time high, and forecasted to increase.

In the UK, I was concerned what was happening to the education system. The government changes meant that many special needs students would be disadvantaged, and there was nothing teachers could do. The conversion to academy status was (and is) in my opinion an underhanded way of selling off the school system, which I have always violently disagreed with. I did not think that moving jobs will change things, and was unhappy for a number of years, seriously considering leaving the teaching profession on a number of occasions.

This new opportunity, I hoped would restore my faith in special education.

New Zealand is a beautiful country, which we fell in love with when we visited in 2012. The scenery is amazing, and the much less populated country means that we will have much more space for outdoor life, something we simply could not do like we wanted to in the UK.

Carpe Diem

You only have one life, and you must live it to the full. We were seeking a country where pace was slower, life could be lived, and the outdoors could be enjoyed. One where the government values education and supports its growth and development.

It didn’t quite work out as we expected, but it’s been an awesome and interesting journey, and still is.

Follow us to find out how our journey is developing and what life is like on ‘the other side’!

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