Extravaganza Bonanza weekend!

This was the most curious and weird trippy experience ever, so funny we sat there for ages just watching the scenery!  Continue reading

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Danseys Pass getaway: off the grid!

We used the long weekend (Labour day) for a rare getaway and chose camp sites that were remote and totally off the grid. First stop: Danseys pass. The Vlog of the weekend is at the foot of this article.

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Seascape sounds guessing games!

Sorry folks, but some of this weeks blog is podcast only! I decided to play a wee sound game when we went to Riverton, plus I managed to get Mark on the Podcast too. Those to features are listen only (link below). For the rest, read on!  Continue reading

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What they don’t tell you when you start a business

I have had an odd week. I feel like I can’t switch my business brain off at all – a hazard I suppose of being self employed.

I’m looking forward to the lighter evenings because my crazy long hours makes the working week feel like it helter-skelters from Monday to Thursday evening at high speed without stopping, meaning all I feel like I do is work, sleep, (and eat if I’m lucky). Continue reading

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Body Image, vlogging and celeb spotting!

It’s been a weird and manic week, I feel like I say that a lot! We are still in the grips of early spring so the weather is a bit unpredictable and spring in the roaring 40’s usually brings high winds till around late November! Continue reading

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