Vlog: autumn sunshine

A vlog at last, you say! Lol It means I have to THINK about it all week! And.. remember to keep recording! Did you know, the wee clips in the garden were done over just 10-15 mins and from start to finish it went from light to dark! No dusk here it’s really weird! Continue reading

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An unexpected trip to the middle of nowhere.

We haven’t been away for a while so we decided to nip away up towards central Otago just overnight, a mini break seriously needed right now by both of us. The added fact that I had run out of data all the more poignant; off the grid for a bit. Where to go though. It’s a couple of hours drive from here in any direction go anywhere and with limited choice of routes and only one night, we were trying to go somewhere we haven’t been. Not easy given all those variables! Continue reading

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Year 4 Summary: Still down under

Image result for 4 years old cakeToday is the exact day that I landed on these shores, four years ago to set up a new life in a new country. Today marks another year (the second consecutive year) that I have not returned to England. I feel some significant shift are starting – inevitable I guess, that marks the fact that we have chosen this as home, not just an extended holiday.  Continue reading

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Solace in the silence

I decided to go to the Library today. I needed peace, no distractions, time to think this thing through, process the shock. The library’s might seem like an odd place, hubby expected to find me by the sea, truth be told I was looking for some wise words to guide me. And here is where I found them.  Continue reading

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Leg update…

I truly have had a challenging few weeks. It started with a failed mammogram, where I was recalled for further tests. Wait mammogram? Yep, mammogram, my very first, which apparently are free and offered to all women from the age of 45, I joked at first it was my old lady test.  Continue reading

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