Cycling progress; training with Zwift

This week, cycling has been my focus as I attempt to get my training back on track. Winter continues to rip through Southland meaning going outside is a lot less desirable than staying indoors! So, Zwift has been getting some exercise as I work at consistent cycling without freezing my ass off.

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finding my mojo… and the snow!

This is a rarity in a coastal city: this is a highway! We had snow to sea level which lasted a whole 24 hours and ground the whole of Southland to a halt!

I’m sorry, Southland, I declare you all quite cr@p at dealing with snow!

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Loving to hate the bike: I prefer sprint training!

This view is beginning, quite frankly, to p1ss me off and demotivate me from cycling completely. I have decided that I much prefer sprint training, because the training blocks are short and quick, easy to fit in around all sorts of other normal every day things.

I find the indoor trainer boring as hell, quite frankly. I actually almost withdrew my entry from the Aquabike in Feb. I am really struggling with finding motivation and time to sit on a bike for hours on end.

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Getting old is crappy, I have decided!

I have decided that getting old is quite simply slightly (no very) rubbish. How have I come to this conclusion? Well I have nothing fitness wise to compare to apart from my age group training and racing in my 30’s, which was cut abruptly by this knee injury.

I am back on the training roller coaster and I simply cannot knock out what I used to knock out ten years ago. This does not sit well with me! While I was stressing about this whole ‘old before my time knee replacement crappiness’, ten years of age snuck past me without noticing and now I am trying to drag this much older ass into the same training schedule I used to have before. It is not working!

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Winter cycling and TKR strength building

What happens when you’re self employed, things at work do a bit belly up combined with increased actual customer demand…. well you end up doing crazy hours and forgoing the rest of your life, that’s what!

And that is exactly what has happened this week. You know the person who thinks that being a personal trainer makes you fit… needs to be shot because it actually does the opposite!

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