Crazy week in the Wild South!

This week has been nuts. It didn’t take long for me to be back at work and the phone to be ringing again morning noon and night.

All my weeks start with the best of intentions: I have a great day of exercise Mon – Wed, then the wheels come off somewhat as I near the end of the week and run out of steam! Continue reading

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A week in the life of a come-back athlete!

For the first time in what seems like a lifetime, I have managed fitness each and every day of the week this week! This makes me incredibly happy and symbolises for me another reason why this hellish operation was worth every bit of the agony I have and are still going through.

Having a target to aim for definitely helps but actually this will be the first time in – like – ever, that I have been self coached! That set sup a whole heap of doubts right there, even though I should quite clearly know what I am talking about, since I do it for a job!

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Vlog update: 6 months post RTKR: how it really is!

Its now 6 months since I had my RTKR. Sometimes it is hard to believe it’s that long, other times, the whole nightmare feels like it happened just yesterday!

Here is my latest update: but beware, some people are asking things that are starting to frustrate me, so I am telling it exactly how it is!

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Here we go again?

This was a line from dear hubby when I was talking about my possible return to racing again this weekend. I’m hoping I do not become the same highly strung race addict that I was back then?!

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Anzac Day 2019; thoughts from the past, present and the future

Another Anzac Day passes and each year it feels different.

From memories of those I personally have lost, to memories of people the world has lost, and much much more. Continue reading

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