And then it all went pear shaped!

This was the only way I got a ride in this week. It is proving to be a consistency battle indeed. The long ride takes up over half a day so can only take place on a day off.

This week didn’t get any. Hence bike ride problem. The only ride I got in was a turbo session on Tuesday. This does not make me a happy person. But, I guess winter is to blame. Or is it?

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Going long(er)

This week I have made a vested effort to restore some fitness in my life and stop letting work take over.

That means 2 x swims, a gym visit and 3 x bike rides. Regular fitness certainly makes me feel happier!

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VLog update: 8 months post RTKR

8 months post total knee replacement and another momentous thing has started happening this month… just when I thought no more amazing things could possibly happen..!

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Memories of Mum: 6 years on

Today marks 8 months since I had my total knee replacement. It also marks 6 years since I lost my beautiful mother to aggressive stomach cancer.

As each year goes by it saddens me more, how much of the rest of my life she is missing and how far back I have to go to find photos of us.

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Cycling goals – surprise gifts and the symptoms of an athlete return!

time trial bike

Tired legs! That’s what I’m suffering from today, it has been a long time since I had that multiple day – ‘ah but keep on training anyway’ – style DOMS!

BUT… this week I managed to hit the cycling goals for a change!

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