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Labour weekend – the last escape!

This was an important weekend for us because it is the last time that I was going to be able to go away on holiday for a long long time…. so we decided to make the most of it. 

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Otago Peninsula relaxation

This was a momentous weekend for a number of reasons: Mark’s 3 year arrival anniversary, my first Saturday off in a very long time and the last public holiday long weekend for quite a while, so we made the most … Continue reading

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Dunedin: Highlanders and Gorgeous coastline

This weekend, we went up to Dunedin, a helter skelter trip straight from work on Friday evening, to get to the rugby game by 7:30pm. We JUST made it! We decided to stay over, and spend the day in the … Continue reading

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Dad does Dunedin!

Of course, we had to take Dad back to Dunedin to see this beautiful psudeo Scottish Town. I learned today that Dunedin used to be called New Edinburgh, and Edinburgh’s Celtic name is Dunedin! 

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Dunedin whistle stop tour!

I have been to Dunedin a couple of times, on passport business, but Mark hasn’t. So we decided to go up and have a really quick look at Dunedin. The REAL motivation for this was… yep… my Dad has arrived! … Continue reading

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