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Time management: diary of a Self employed business owner

Time management is tricky when you’re self employed: no one to tell you what needs done, how or when, so I am on a mission to combat this wee problem and get more done in less time to have more … Continue reading

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Job Vacancy: Managing Director

Fancy the idea of being your own boss? Designing your own job description, doing whatever you like and being paid for it? Never be told what to do ever again: apply now! 

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Year 3 summary: life in New Zealand

The third full year of living in New Zealand and this is the first year that I haven’t been back to England. Another multitude of things have changed. 

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If you don’t write it down, then it can’t fail, right?

This week is a significant one. Exactly a year ago Ryding2Health NZ was born. I know, it’s existed in some format or other since 2011, but 2015-16 was different. This was my first compete year being full time self employed. 

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Winter get togethers: snow and sun

It’s a beautiful day in Southland, but gosh we’re having a chilly stormy snowy winter at the moment! More wooly hats purchased, more jumpers worn and the Yunka is pretty much always roaring! 

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