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Spring has sprung, or has it?

The weather has been rather up and down this week, as have I. Earlier in the week the buds on my garden were covered in frost, but by the weekend it’s hammering with rain, and then sunny and warm. Got … Continue reading

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Sick week and not in the ‘wicked’ sense!

What a week. At the end of last weekend I started feeling under the weather, it turned out to be a throat infection that floored me for almost 7 days. 

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Sunshine, coaching and getting lost in the woods

It’s been an interesting week, both in weather and in events. The weather has sunshined, hailed, selected, rained, the whole 9 yards. We have broken records for the coolest April, ever. Super. Just what we want as we wait patiently … Continue reading

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Holidays week 2 – I need more time!

The second week of the holidays is almost over and I always have the back to work blues at round about this time. Still, it’s been another busy week.

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Ask and ye shall get – well, maybe!

I am very pleased to say that today was actually a little better than yesterday. I didn’t expect it to be though.

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