Self employment update and winter has arrived

My office

My office

It’s been a busy week this week in the work department. I have continued to do all my group fitness classes and several PT appointments on top of 3 full days work at a local school relieving for an absent teacher, and one evening training course. Continue reading

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Plane sprints & yarn bombs 

IMG_9005  It’s been a whirlwind week since we got back. We only JUST GOT BACK though.

I don’t miss traffic jams, that’s for sure. Continue reading

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Day 6: SUP lessons!

IMG_8992It’s kinda something that seemingly needs to be done if you’re in Australia: stand up paddle board lessons! We saved this for our chillaxed last day on holiday, coupling it with a barbecue lunch to use up the last of our food. Continue reading

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Day 5: Southern Gold Coast: Coolangata

IMG_8940 We decided to head down the coast today towards Tweed Heads,
Coolangata and the New South Wales state line. The Gold Coast just stretches on and on, miles and miles of sandy golden beach.  Continue reading

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Day 4: Relaxation and Walking in the clouds

IMG_8902 We decided to go for a relaxation day, and Mark wanted to ‘do the beach’ at least once so we came up with a solution. After breakfast we were on the beach by 8:30am, relaxing. I nipped off leaving mark in his bliss to scale a really high tower, then came back for a dip in the sea. Simple? Continue reading

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