Winton Open day and the 2015 Christmas Parade

Wallacetown Christmas Magic shop

Wallacetown Christmas Magic shop

It’s been a few weeks, apologies. Last weekend we decided we would sample the Bill Richardson Truck museum cafe. The museum isn’t open yet, but the cafe is, and is currently the talk of the town. There were certainly crowds (as there always are with something new in town!). Continue reading

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Time out Queens Park and a surprise trip to the unexpected

Front doorstep viewThis week my focus has been to take some time out of every day, rather than sit in my office working right through my lengthy crazy shifts. Here’s how I got on.

I have taken to sitting on the front step to drink my cuppa and chill, the view here is still not too bad. the back garden is like a building site and will be for a while yet: credit to mark who’s getting a major workout straightening it all out!  Continue reading

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Evaluating life: 2 new goals

IMG_0755I have been doing a lot of thinking this week, and life re-evaluating, coming to some conclusions about how I’m doing with life balance, as a self employed business owner. Continue reading

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I love Riverton…

IMG_2320 One thing I absolutely love about living in New Zealand is the absolute beauty all around us and the sea one a short trip from the door in several directions.  Continue reading

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Invercargill Truck parade: most strange!

IMG_2301-0Apparently this is an event that has taken place for over a decade. I however, am witnessing it for the first time. No, I don’t quite get it! Continue reading

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