7 days of comedy, swimming & 1st Aid

Awarua bay This week marked another first: a sea swim in the local bay, SOLO!

I was a wee bit apprehensive but it was actually really lovely! And free! But seems odd that I just rock up – I’m used to arranged lake swims! Continue reading

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Saving the wildlife, living the high life!

This week I have caught and rescued birds (from the clutches of my cats!) found where they hide proper English marmite here, made my first kiwi mince and cheese pie and posted off all my Christmas cards!

And that was before the end of the working week! Continue reading

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Bowls Christmas do, bake fest and indoor beach volleyball

Tetleys!The start of this week was all about recovering from the weekend as I hobbled to work for the first few days!

Aside from that, look what I found in a local supermarket, TETLEYS TEA BAGS! How excited am I! I have always had them posted to me, and it’s not cheap, so I don’t mind their price mark up!

Continue reading

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Mammoth Tramp report: Hump Ridge Track

DSC_0607When I originally decided to walk the hump ridge track, the reason was so I could go places where there were no roads, see some of the beautiful untouched Fiordland, get into the great outdoors, that sort of thing. I didn’t really give it any more thought than that, until I began to look more closely into what I had agreed to.

The Hump Ridge Track is reported to be one of the most difficult walks of the famous tramping routes in Southern New Zealand due to the 1000m ascent and descent in the 62km track which is done over three days. The famous Milford track is a shorter 54km, is flatter and is done over 4 days.

With that in mind, it probably wasn’t the best one to start off with! Continue reading

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House DIY project no. 1 complete!

Bike to workIt’s been rather a quiet week this week. My job started its regular hours which has taken some getting used to. For all these years I have been an early riser, sport then work. Now that I start at 7am and finish at 2pm, things have to spin around! Continue reading

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