Naseby: Northern Central!

img_2830We haven’t been this far North on the South Island, so it was nice to travel to see new sights. A long 3+ hour trip up but with scenery like New Zealand’s you never get bored!

It was real late when we arrived, so we stopped at Ranfuly camp ground for our first night. A brief walk around this quirky wee ‘town’ before setting off to Naseby: yep, I need to bring the bike next time!  Continue reading

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Quickie camping trip in Central

img_2203With tent in tow we really are trying to make the most of the Christmas break. As it costs me to be closed, it’s make the most of the time available time for us! And we did it in true Ryding style: no rest for the wicked! Continue reading

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See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

Year 2See the fireworks Journey to New Zealand created by blogging on

Check out their 2015 annual report.

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Moke Lake: Boxing Day in the mountains

image The Boxing Day weekend was forecast the best weather during Christmas so we decided to take the opportunity and go camping. It’s hilarious really on reflection: I have always been known as the one that prefers glamping (at least, preferably a hotel!) but since living in New Zealand, to be honest, this country is best enjoyed off the beaten track and away from tourists, which has led us to prefer much more basic camp sites.  Continue reading

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2015 in Pictures

whisked away for the weekend for my birthday

whisked away for the weekend for my birthday

I know I have been a little slack with blogging recently I apologise for that. The business kinda got on top of me, so one resolution I guess is to get the regular blogs back!

Anyway, here is our 2015 in photos, one for each month.  Continue reading

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