Winter get togethers: snow and sun

IMG_9430It’s a beautiful day in Southland, but gosh we’re having a chilly stormy snowy winter at the moment! More wooly hats purchased, more jumpers worn and the Yunka is pretty much always roaring!  Continue reading

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Third world problems in a frozen country!

snowI sort of expected perhaps to run out of water in the summer, perhaps on a really hot year (as we’re on tank water not mains) but I didn’t expect to get up this morning and have no water. FROZEN.  Continue reading

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Winter bites and so do the Highlanders!

Forsyth Barr stadiumWe are now well into winter, and well into the rugby season. We have been following the Highlanders who are having the season of their lives. We headed to Dunedin to watch their play off match, which they won against the Chiefs, meaning they headed to Australia the following week to play the defending Super Rugby champions, the Waratahs.

Sadly, our budget didn’t stretch to that so we had to watch it on telly! Continue reading

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Wild Wild Winter 

IMG_9215It’s that time of year again: the book sale, and of course I couldn’t resist! Mark went elsewhere while I stocked up with new cheap reads! We really need to do a garage sale in the spring, I have so much stuff to get rid of! I promised myself I wouldn’t hoard books, but man, it’s so hard because books are so cool! I love books!  Continue reading

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Cat dramas 

IMG_9188So this week I have had a cat soap opera evolve in my house. You couldn’t make this up!  Our cat a kiwi came into the house dramatically limping like she had done something major to herself.

Continue reading

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