Podcast #5: Relay for Life 2018

Relay for Life 2018 took place at the weekend. We were a proud team of 42 and we raised a cracking $2967! Thank you to everyone who helped us to do that. Here is our story, along with the rest of this week’s news.  Continue reading

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Podcast #4 Finding the positive pants!

Sorry I have been away from the podcast, a lot has been going on and I got waylaid. But I am back, putting this first and aiming to be back once a week. This update is about what has been happening with the knee and what we have been trying to do to combat that so I don’t go insane! Why a podcast? Because some people prefer to listen rather than read!  Continue reading

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Lignite pit gardens and the wheels are still moving!

So this week we have gone out of our way to keep active in a way that is kind to me and my knee. That has seen us go to local spots we haven’t seen as well as knee friendly spectator sports! Continue reading

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The day I suddenly got old

I’m sitting in the hairdressers chair, looking back at my reflection. I notice the grey hair, lots of grey hair. I notice the bags under my eyes, the rivets in my forehead. jowels that have sunk with age. Behind me in the reflection is a picture of a young woman in the shop window opposite, modelling underwear. the difference is stark. Where did my looks go? Where did my youth go? When did age suddenly appear on my face?  Continue reading

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Me and my peg leg..

So the time has come. I am not amused, not amused at all, but I had to get one of these, to help me get around. Feeling pretty pissed off to be honest, but needs must.  Continue reading

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