Hump Ridge track – coastal track day hike

Today marked a massive day in the life of me and this knee.

Firstly, it is now 6 months to the day since the knee replacement and secondly it was the day that we attempted our first day hike in many years. What better a place than the hump ridge track, the last big hike I managed before the demise of the knee!

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Reflections on life and thoughts beyond this world..

I’m not sure why this has been on my mind lately, but I have been thinking about it a lot.

It seems like a very long universe, a very short time on it and a lot of things lost when someone dies. Surely that cannot be all?

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Mores Reserve with a new knee!

It’s been quite some time since I have tackled this walk, its tough and steep (both down and up) but the relatively secluded beach and views when you get down the hill are definitely worth the effort. It was one of the first walks I was introduced to and it’s been quite a while since me and this knee have tackled it!

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Defying the impossible: staging my sporting comeback

We’re coming up to the six month mark with this bionic knee and some really interesting things are starting to happen. According to the info I was told about a knee replacement, I am now smashing and defying what is meant to be possible so I have established some big goals for me and this knee! Continue reading

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English or Kiwi? What on earth is happening!!?

I’m finding this whole back to fitness (the second time) journey really quite interesting indeed. It is totally different to the first time, which was life changing in itself, this time I feel like its life ‘RESTORING’!! Continue reading

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