Gold Coast get away: well that didn't quite go to plan!

This was the first time that I had left the COUNTRY and left the business. I knew, having been off for my knee replacement, that things would be ok, but Being in another country is a different matter when I cannot always be contacted if there is an emergency: would they cope?

Little did I know Ryding2Health was about to be tested in ways I couldn’t even imagine!

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Whisked away to Wanka – lucky me!

It’s been a while since we had a break, I am currently injured (no, not the knee replacement) and wasn’t expecting this at all. It was lovely just to get away for a while in one of my favourite places – Wanaka – and just relax.

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The tough road of neuropathic pain

I seriously thought a knee replacement was the toughest thing I had ever done. I thought I was finally over it and that I could, at last, return to racing. It seems not.

A couple of weeks ago I started relatively suddenly with pretty major calf pain (in my other leg). It was so bad that I could barely walk more than 10 metres at a stretch before having to sit down. Following this, in addition I started getting pins and needles in my foot, then this escalated to more major pain making the skin on my foot very very sensitive to touch, throbbing and stabbing pain, constantly for no apparent reason: making walking near on impossible. Continue reading

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Back on track

I have been doing a LOT of soul searching to find the solution to my current race dilemma. That coupled with a change in the weather means me and this bike can actually travel down the road on a more regular basis. Continue reading

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Long bike rides and Learning… I LOVE LEARNING!

Massive few weeks because all of last weekend was spent on a course in Christchurch, one that was super exciting and fills me with all sorts of new skills, way beyond my wildest dreams!

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