UK decides: the end of the United Kingdom as we know it?

imageIts difficult to grasp the full scale of the whole Referendum campaigning when international media only reports some of it and the BBC has blocked access to its online news channel to everyone with an IP address outside England. However, I fully understand the gravity of what has happened today.  Continue reading

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A letter to heaven..

Mum's funeral in UK

Dear Mum

It’s been three years since we last spoke, doesn’t time fly. Such a lot has happened that I haven’t been able to tell you about. I really do miss not being able to lift the phone and call you. They say it gets easier with time but it’s not true. You just learn better how to cope with the terrible grief.  Continue reading

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Otago Peninsula relaxation

img_6019 This was a momentous weekend for a number of reasons: Mark’s 3 year arrival anniversary, my first Saturday off in a very long time and the last public holiday long weekend for quite a while, so we made the most of it. Continue reading

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I dreamed a dream, then it came true!

imageI had this wee idea on my bucket list – let’s say perhaps 10 years ago: wouldn’t it be cool if I could set up my own business, employ staff and work in a job that I love doing?  Continue reading

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Year 3 summary: life in New Zealand

imageThe third full year of living in New Zealand and this is the first year that I haven’t been back to England. Another multitude of things have changed.  Continue reading

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