Beating back the negatives

I learned this week that my consultants request for a knee operation was turned down and I have now been referred to the public health system.

Frustratingly, because my original accident / injury occurred in another country, legislation says it cannot be covered here in New Zealand. Continue reading

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Things you’ll regret when you get old..

I was reading this on one of those blogs you see pop up on the Facebook timeline constantly and I usually disregard but this one struck a chord with me. So I’ll mention the important ones, not all 37!  Continue reading

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Queenstown Winterfest and the Warrens have landed!

It wasn’t until a client mentioned it a few weeks ago that I realised, Marks friends were coming over on WinterFest weekend! They are over for the Lions Tour, but flew into Queenstown at the star of their holiday solely so they could see us. Aaaw thanks guys!  Continue reading

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The Lions have landed in New Zealand! 

As you can see, allegiance is divided in the Ryding household as the Lions land in New Zealand for their 2017 tour. Me: English till I die – him, not quite so much!

We booked the tickets for the Lions game against the Highlanders a long long time ago and went up the night before to camp over. Another first occurred here too: the first time I was not at work and had left someone else in charge, with the business still open and running without me! 😳 Continue reading

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Terror in my homeland: hating racism

I have always been someone who hates any type of marginalisation, be it educational, religion of otherwise. But in 21st century Great Britain and the rise of Al Qaeda, Isis, or I.S. (whatever name you wish to give it) Western Europe no longer feels like a safe place to be at all. Continue reading

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